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You are a time-travelling bounty hunter. Sent back to eliminate the ancestors of some of the most notorious criminals in existence. The instructions aren’t always so clear, so it’s up to you to locate and take out the correct target. Good luck!

This game was created for the Game Jam Aoetearoa 2022. Timeframe 48hrs

Jam Theme -  "Transition"  

Transition for our team was from one place/time to another!

Move Character with AWSD
Move Camera with Mouse
Sprint with Shift
Shoot/Attack with L-Click Mouse

Change to sword with 2 Key Press
Change to Portal Gun with 1 Key Press
Shoot/Attack with L-Click Mouse 
Block Attacks with sword in hand with R-Click Mouse

---Created by---         team:     "Take A Break Have A Kitkat"

Team members-
Programmer - "Haydawg" 
Composer - "Kitkat" 
GraphicDesigner - " e_leyva" 
LevelDesigner - "Pacer"

Install instructions

Once Downloaded UnZip File to RunGame


TimeBender.zip 41 MB

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